Installing TweetDeck on Ubuntu 10.04

June 26, 2010

Iam really impressed about the new Ubuntu 10.04. Installing Ubuntu Linux in my HP nx7300 laptop was a really thrilling challenge for me. I did it by myself and im using Ubuntu for my developing purposes (esp Rails).

As im active in Twitter and i used TweetDeck in Windows 7, i was struggling to find an application that work same like as TweetDeck.. With little bit googling i find a perfect solution to install TweetDeck to Ubuntu Linux. So im preferring to share with my readers through my blog.

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Installing Ruby On Rails on Debian/Ubuntu

June 26, 2010

After some experience in developing RubyOnRails applications in windows, i came to know that the best environment for rails development is Linux. So i choose to have the Debian version Ubuntu 10.04.

Today i’m going to show you guys how to install Ruby on Rails in Ubuntu 10.04. This can be applied to lower versions also.

Get Ruby

$ sudo apt-get install ruby-full build-essential

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Make Gmail a productive centre ….

May 26, 2009


            I have been into Gmail for about 3 years.. But today Gmail is turned into the Ultimate Productive Centre… It’s already pretty clear that Gmail is the best tool for email, and integrations with calendar and chat have made it the go-to place for much of our information. But the Gmail Gadgets brings the pieces of puzzle together. Just have a look to the following gadgets to make the Gmail more productive.

1. Email: Gmail is how email should be done. With great filters, you can keep your inbox fairly clean. There are dozens of smart little innovations, from automatic contacts to a “send and archive” button and much more. If you’re not using Gmail for email yet, you should strongly consider a change.

2. To-do: Gmail only recently added a Tasks feature, something most of us have been wanting for a long time. It’s just about the simplest to-do list there is.  Its just simple as that. You can add tasks, re-order, just check it off the completed tasks. You can set time and date constraints in most simplest way. Cool feature: you can turn an email into a task, which means the task is linked to the email, and you can easily open the email by clicking on the task. Enable Gmail Tasks by going to Labs (in the upper right corner of Gmail)

3. Calendar. Google’s Calendar (Gcal) is hands down the fastest, easiest and best calendar I’ve used. And now it’s in Gmail’s sidebar, so you can see your events at a glance while in Gmail, and even add tasks quickly without having to go to the calendar. And the most interesting feature is that you can use Gcal offline just like our Google Documents and even the Gmail. Enable the GCal gadget in Gmail by going to Labs.

4. Docs. Are you still using a desktop word processing or spreadsheet app? Consider switching to Google Docs & Spreadsheets, which I use exclusively now. It’s online (with offline access now), it’s simple, it opens the usual formats, and it’s so much better for need to sync docs between computers or carry them around on a USB flash drive. And now, with the Docs gadget in Gmail, you can open your docs from within Gmail, making it even more of a one-stop center for all your productivity and information needs. Enable the Google Docs gadget in Gmail by going to Labs.

5. Twitter. A lot of people are finding Twitter to be an incredible place to connect with others, to find great things to read, to keep in touch with what’s happening now. But keeping your Twitter app open all the time can be unproductive. Enter Twitter Gadget, which takes seconds to install into Gmail and lets you have the most important functions of Twitter right within your all-in-one productivity center.

6. Bookmarks. Want to look up a site you bookmarked earlier? I’ve been using the delicious gadget for Gmail, and it works pretty much as you’d expect — you can see a list of your most recent bookmarks in the Gmail sidebar.This will change your online experience more productive.

8. Social media. What about other social media you might use… Put them right in Gmail with the Facebook, MySpace and Friendfeed gadgets. There are even gadgets for Digg and Flickr.

10. Offline Gmail. One of the problems people use to have with Gmail is that it’s online — meaning that if you can’t connect to the Internet ,you can’t use Gmail. Well, that’s now changed with Gmail’s offline mode — you can read, compose and organize messages while offline, which is nice.


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Now Twitter is available in

March 27, 2009


                               Now gets integrates with Twitter. is providing a hot twitter widget in the sidebar, to keep your readers with your updates and comments.

Now you can quickly and easily keep your readers connected to your updates on Twitter, and make your blog the home of even more of your content.


Above shown is the screenshot of Twitter widget in

All the links that you post in the Twitter remains clickable in the sidebar, and also the the @ replies link too.

To add the Widget into the

  • Just head to Appearance > Widgets in your dashboard.
  • Click “Add” to add it to your sidebar, and then click “Edit” to set your Twitter username and choose how many updates you’d like to display. No passwords needed.

Have more than one account on Twitter? No problem. You can add as many as you like! Just add another widget as you did before.

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Some Crazy people – Building the entire Gmail Interface

March 25, 2009

These guys in the video sure made designers and developers who build any interfaces not too proud because they re-paint the entire Gmail interface up from scratch, bit by bit with the use of Styrofoam. The entire interface looks as good as a real one, except that you cannot check nor compose email. But seriously, hats off for the amount of work they’ve put in. Watch the video yourself.

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Top 28 Air Applications for Designers & Developers

March 13, 2009

Adobe AIR is marvelous. Simple as that. It takes either or all HTML, JavaScript, Flash or Actionscript and builds you a desktop widget that is compatible across all operating systems and can be used at any time off-line. There are very few limitations, and anyone with even a little programming knowledge could build an app with relative ease.

Download the latest version of Adobe AIR here: Adobe AIR 1.5.1 (15mb).

Here are 28 Amazing Adobe AIR applications for Web Designers, Developers and Graphic Designers. Can we have some more, please!


Design View » 
Description : GUI tool for  Flex applications layout composition.


RichFLV » 
Description : RichFLV let`s you edit flv files.


Snippage »
Description : Snippage lets you easily make widgets out of parts of any web page. You do so by opening “snips” which are little web browsers you can crop down.


Snippage »
Description : Snippage lets you easily make widgets out of parts of any web page. You do so by opening “snips” which are little web browsers you can crop down.


Lita – SQLite Administration Too »
Description : A free, multi-platform administration tool for your SQLite Databases


Em based layouts – Vertical rhythm calculator »
Description : Web developers using XHTML and CSS, will find this tool marvelous.

Read from the author’s Blog.

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Social Networking Causes Brain Damage, Jealousy, and Cancer

March 10, 2009


                         I always love to wander here and there in the internet, and i will find something interesting, very interesting and of course some are very bore things. While today’s wandering come to an end by visiting the site  It contains the latest news, it includes the categories Daily news, human wire, Casual Fridays and Know Your Meme. It is pretty good site….. Check out  one of my favorite video of mine from the Rocket Boom.

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